Roshen Silva Injured


Southee to Mathews, no run, length ball nipped in, rapped the pads and NZ reviewed it. But the impact was always going to be the bone of contention and it was umpire’s call, which of course was not out. The height also looked a bit dodgy but skipper Williamson decided to take a chanceAnd the day will be a few minutes longer as Kiwis have decided to review an LBW call. Mathews is the man in question. The ball nipped in and missed his prod forward to hit the pad. The impact looked a little high as well as slightly outside the line of the sticks. Impact and hitting are both on-field call. Mathews survives and NZ keep the review.

Roshen Silva Injured NZ vs SL 2nd Test,when he field  Injured roshen silva.