Here’s what Smith said


Australian cricket captain Steve Smith, vice captain David Warner and Cameron Bankrock have been suspended for bans on Australia’s and South Africa’s Cape Town’s controversial third test match. The ban was not known to anyone who was distracted from Australia and sent abroad from Australia in the first week of April, with his family in Australia, as well as from around the world.Breaking the silence for a month, Smith said that the support he received from his family over the past few years can be confronted with the opportunity of winning the Australians.
“It was nice to come back to Australia. It took some time to get used to everything. Time has come for me to regain the reliability of the Australians, “Smith said in an Instagram message.”I did a serious mistake.I know its consequences now.It’s a weakening of a leader, “said Steve Smith.
“My mother, father, and Danny are my strength.The most important thing in the world is the family unit. I am so grateful for the kindness and support you have given me, “Smith said.Steve Smith and vice captain David Warner put off a year’s bouts for Cape Town’s unlawful action.The Australian Cricket Board has suspended Cameron Bancroft for 9 months.