out Kusal Mendis Run Out


Ish Sodhi to Kusal Perera, out Kusal Mendis Run Out!! An umpire review – for run-out. Kusal Mendis is the man in question. Looks very close. Touch and go. Might be on the line. “I’ve got bat on the line,” says third umpire Richard Illingworth. Kusal Mendis departs without facing a ball. They took on the arm of the NZ skipper and paid the price. A tossed up delivery, Perera dropped it into the off-side and the batters set for a risky run. Kane Williamson runs to his right from cover and quickly releases the ball at the striker’s end, despite being slightly off-balance. The keeper was quick to dislodge the bails and catch the batter short. The bat was on the line when the bail came off. The third umpire took his time looking at various angles and also used the zoomer before making the final call. Kusal Mendis run out (Williamson/Seifert) Neesham to Dickwella, out Caught by Lockie Ferguson!! James Neesham has the last laugh! Dickwella backed away to make room and the bowler saw that movement. Neesham darted a full ball wide of off and Dickwella had to reach out for it. Went through with his stroke – a wild swing trying to go over the covers – but ended up slicing it towards third man off the outside edge. Ferguson ran in from third man to gobble that up. Good grab! Dickwella c Lockie Ferguson b Neesham 46(37) NZ 364/4 (50.0 Ovs)
SL 117/4 (17.1 Ovs) CRR: 6.82 REQ: 7.55
Sri Lanka need 248 runs