Pat Cummins to Thirimanne, out Caught by Labuschagne


Pat Cummins to Thirimanne, out Caught by Labuschagne!! Australia’s vice-captain strikes! Thirimanne and outside edge – it’s the same combination again. He doesn’t learn from the previous ball and pays the price. A full ball at 139.7kph, angled in around off and nibbled away a tad from the left-hander. With a slight shuffle Thirimanne looks to drive with hard hands and gets a healthy outside edge that goes straight into the hands of Marnus at third slip. There’s the breakthrough, and once again it’s Cummins who gets it for Australia. Thirimanne c Labuschagne b Pat Cummins 12(30) ,J Richardson to Chandimal, out Caught by Burns!! First Test wicket for Jhye Richardson. A well-deserved wicket for the Western Australian. He pumps the air in delight and gets surrounded by his team-mates. Richardson kept probing and gets his reward. A squared up Chandimal is uncertain – stays in the crease and awkwardly tries to defend length ball. The ball seamed away a bit to catch the outside edge. Burns, at second slip, dives to his left to snaffle it with both hands. Chandimal c Burns b J Richardson 5(7)