Fernando to de Kock, out Bavuma Run Out


Fernando to de Kock, out Bavuma Run Out!! A firm straight-drive from de Kock and that’s been deflected onto the stumps at the non-striker’s end off the bowler’s boot. Has Bavuma made his ground? That looks very close. Is there any portion of the bat behind the line when the bail came off the groove? Ian Gould – the TV umpire – is taking his time. It’s touch and go. Well, OUT is the final call! What an unfortunate end to Bavuma’s knock! It was a pitched up delivery and de Kock drove it realy hard. Fernando had no chance to get down and stop that. The ball hit his left boot in the followthrough and ricocheted onto the stumps. Bavuma did turn around and tried his best to slide the bat inside the crease, but in vain. Out by a centimetre. South Africa have now lost half their side. Bavuma run out (Fernando) 47(66) [4s-7],RSA 114/5 (30.0 Ovs) CRR: 3.8
Day 1: 2nd Session – Sri Lanka opt to bowl