Philander to Karunaratne, out Lbw


Philander to Karunaratne, out Lbw!! Another #celebrappeal and this time umpire Richard Kettleborough raises the finger. Much fuller from Philander on this occasion. Legal delivery. Karunaratne missed the flick and got hit on the back leg. Perhaps, it brushed the front leg before hitting the back pad. Umpire’s call on hitting wickets, and Karunaratne has to depart. This is a big wicket! A pitched up delivery and Karunaratne slightly lost his balance as he tried to flick it away. Got beaten by the in-seam and the impact was adjacent to the leg-stump. The ball-tracking showed it to be clipping leg. Sri Lanka don’t lose a review, but they’ve lost their skipper. Karunaratne lbw b Philander 30(59) [4s-3]