Steyn to Oshada Fernando, out Lbw


Steyn to Oshada Fernando, out Lbw!! Oshada Fernando has been adjudged lbw. He has a word with his captain and decides to walk back to dressing room. Steyn strikes! A fullish ball angled in from over the wicket and Fernando missed the glance after shuffling across. He gets pinned on the front pad in front of leg. Was that going down leg? Aleem Dar doesn’t think so and so does the Sri Lankan captain. It looked leg-side-ish and I reckon that would have brushed the leg-stump maximum. HawkEye should be interesting. Missing leg, says the ball-tracker. Why didn’t Karunaratne force his partner to go upstairs? Oshada Fernando lbw b Steyn 19(42) [4s-2]